What’s a NEBOSH & Why Would I Want One?

Taken by over thirty thousand people across the globe, NEBOSH courses are seen my many as a benchmark of the health & Safety field.

But what is it?

NEBOSH stands for National Examination Board in Occupational Health & Safety. In short it is an awarding body that offers industry leading qualifications, that can be taken to demonstrate that the participant has strong understanding of health and safety requirements. There are several different levels within the programme, allowing the individual to continue developing their skills and understanding of the subject. The NEBOSH syllabus is offered only by accredited training providers, such as SOA Safety. We offer a range of NEBOSH courses, to enable you to not just develop your health and safety knowledge, but also to add a notable accreditation to your CV.

Why would I want to be NEBOSH Qualified?

If you are looking to develop your CV then membership of the Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH), would be beneficial. The NEBOSH qualifications are recognised by the IOSH and as such can be used as evidence of skills, when applying to the different levels of membership (as they are separate organisations NEBOSH qualifications don’t automatically IOSH membership status. However, when combined with experience, the qualifications demonstrate a commitment to the field). The table below demonstrates how the levels of the NEBOSH qualifications align with the different levels of IOSH membership.

SOA Safety offer a selection of NEBOSH training courses such as the General Certificate, Construction Certificate and the Fire Safety & Risk Management Certificate. The industry recognised qualifications are a great way to not just meet the requirements of your current job but also to offer you a head start of developing a professional career in the field, with more opportunities for advancement.