What to Expect from a Risk Assessment Course

If you have any role in the health and safety of your company, you will no doubt have heard of a risk assessment. Perhaps, it’s maybe a task that you do annually, using a template of the HSE website without much additional thought. However, by doing this, you are running the risk of falling short of the legislation on the topic but of allowing an accident to happen. By taking part in a Risk Assessment course, such as the ones provided by SOA Safety, you are ensuring that your company is adhering to the legislation and that your health and safety work is really adding value to the business.

On our courses, we ensure that participants leave with an understanding not just about the legal requirements of risk assessments but how to complete them in a meaningful manner. A key objective of the course is attendees being able to identify and assess potential hazards and then selecting the most appropriate method of risk control. This means that the attendees are no longer just completing checklists just to comply, but potentially driving safety and efficiency within the work environment.
SOA Safety have a team of trainers who are dedicated to breaking the mould by providing training courses that aren’t just a dreary necessity to obtain a certificate, but rather engaging sessions that leave attendees with the skills to apply the knowledge to their own work environments. We offer our Risk Assessment course at both of our training centres in Cumbria (Dalton and Workington) but we can also travel nationally to present the course on site. For more information, why not get in touchwith our team?