The Twit’s Guide To Health and Safety (Or How They Ignore It)

The 13th of September marks the life and works of the children’s author Roald Dahl, for more about the day click here.

To celebrate his work, we thought we’d revisit one our favourite children’s books “The Twits” but with Health and Safety in mind.

First up is the state of Mr Twit’s beard, which may provide him with snacks such as scraps of cornflakes and stilton cheese throughout the day but to the rest of us is just disgusting. The first step would naturally be start by giving it a wash but using a beard cover would help contamination of any food he is preparing.

Mr Twits approach to catching food also leaves room for improvement, not just in terms of taste and ethics but in the potential safety hazards. First up is his use of ladders, has he taken the necessary precautions, such as getting the right type and checking its condition? Then there’s the use of “hug-tight sticky” glue which is strong enough to keep birds from flying away. For those of you that know the story, one of the vital errors he makes in relation to safety of potentially dangerous subcutaneous is that he fails to store it in a safe place, away from little hands (or paws in this instance).

Wormy spaghetti may raise issues in relation to food hygiene regulations but “the shrinks” revenge prank suggests that Mr Twit really would benefit from a risk assessment training. With his prank backfiring and leaving him being squashed by his wife!

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