More about the NEBOSH Fire Safety & Risk Management Certificate

If you have read our earlier blog post on how NEBOSH qualifications fit within the larger scheme of obtaining IOSH membership, then you will know that the fire safety & risk management certificate fits into the TechIOSH tier of the IOSH structure. Which, in short means that if you are looking to build your career in safety, this could be a great course for you. The NEBOSH certificates, are attainable in sectors specific to industries such as construction, environmental and fire allowing for a tailored learning path.

Here at SOA Safety, we offer the NEBOSH fire safety & risk management, without the Management of Health & Safety module (NGC1), as most people will have attained that module by completing the NEBOSH Health & Safety at work qualification.
The course itself covers the legal requirements surrounding fire safety but also covers actionable insight on the causes and prevention of fires, fire protection within buildings, the principles of fire and explosions and how to ensure the safety of people in the event of fire. By completing this course attendees should be able to carry our fire risk assessments, have knowledge of the basic fire extinguishing methods, understand the key elements of a fire management system and more. To see the full list of the course objectives, visit our course page.

SOA Safety are proud to provide this NEBOSH course, which is an internationally recognised qualification. While fulfilling all the elements of the outlined curriculum, we also add our usual level of additional interactivity and fun that we build into all our courses. We believe that Health and Safety training needn’t be dull.