More About The NEBOSH Certificate in Construction

For over 25 years the NEBOSH certificate in construction has been the health and safety benchmark for the construction industry. The course is aimed at managers, supervisors and CDM co-ordinators that are likely to be responsible for controlling safety elements in a construction setting. This said, no prior health and safety knowledge is needed to work towards this qualification.

The course is taken over a two-week period and covers all the elements that health and safety regulations require for UK construction work; such as hazard identification and control. Here at SOA Safety, we take pride in making the syllabus not just easy to understand but enjoyable. Meaning, that when you go back to work, the lessons learned will really stick in your mind and you will be able to apply the knowledge practically.

The course is typically made up of three modules, NGC1 & NCC1 with each being assessed by a written examination (ten short answer and 1 “long” answer question), which will be marked by the team. The third module, NCC2, is assessed by a practical examination at the candidate’s place of work (within 14 days of the written exams). Here at SOA Safety, we run the course over two weeks, as we do not include the NGC1 module. This is because, in our experience, many of the attendees to the Construction course have already completed the general course. So it is more cost effective to run the course without the general element. For those who require the NGC1 element, we also offer the NEBOSH General certificate.

For more information about how NEBOSH qualifications fit into the IOSH programme and how attaining these certificates can aid your career growth, visit our previous blog. Or if you are looking to undertake the NEBOSH Construction certificate in Cumbria, head over to our site for details of places available. We also offer in-house training nationwide.