More About the IOSH Working Safely Course

This is a short and general course, that has been designed by the Institute of Occupational Safety & Health (IOSH) to provide the attendees with a solid grounding on safety for the workplace. The course covers all the key points required for understanding why people need to be actively aware of potential safety issues within the workplace.

This course is accessible to everyone, as its designed to focus on key actionable elements of safety, rather than the theory and legal background of the measures. The training is broken down to be presented in an easy to digest manner; with multiple choice quizzes, discussions of case studies and supported by handouts to be used back in the workplace.
This is a one day course, that SOA Safety can provide at either our training centres or at your work place. Due to the shorter nature of this course, it is the perfect choice for businesses looking to build awareness of safety across your team. Conversely, it would be a good step for anyone looking to personally diversify their CV.