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Fire Safety Design

Fire Safety Design

Fire Safety Design Support package

Our Fire Safety Design are responsible for fire safety relating to the design and construction of the facility/building, and the services, fittings and equipment provided in or in connection with the facility/building, which will assist in the operation and maintenance of the building for fire safety purposes.

We use a fire safety engineering approach and assess the performance of a facility/building design in its context, deviating from the prescriptive non-contextual nature of the standards and regulations.

We work with you at all stages of the project from inception, through design to the operational fire safety management regime. Our engineers have successfully used fire safety engineering principles to argue deviations from the best practices, often saving our clients tens of thousands.

Fire Engineering / What We Offer

Fire dynamics and analysis

We apply the current understanding of how fire typically behaves in the design environment.

Structural response analysis

We can apply structural analysis which covers the behavior of structures subjected to forces of fire.

Fire growth / spread simulations

Fire simulations can created to show how a fire would be expected to behave in certain environments.

Spoke spread simulations

Smoke models are used to visualise how the smoke (and heat) would likely travel through your environment.

Evacuation simulations

Use simulations to determine the evacuation times for areas, buildings, or vessels using crowd dynamics and pedestrian motion.

Detection & warning design

We design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of systems in non-domestic premises.


Advantages How can fire engineering benefit your business

  • Identify non-compliances to the building regulations
  • Increase occupancy numbers
  • Increase compartment size
  • Agree justified non-compliances with rules
  • Extend travel distances
  • Support novel designs
  • Reduce passive fire protection
"First class training & the team are so friendly. Highly recommended."
- David Cartmel
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