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Fire safety and evacuation plans for the workplace

Fire safety and evacuation plans for the workplace

A valid fire safety and evacuation plan must detail every element of what needs to happen in the event of a fire. It should be easily accessible to all employees, and anybody that may need to know the information in the workplace.

In order to create a detailed and thorough plan, you must show that you have the following:

  • A safe meeting point far enough away from the building for staff to meet
  • Emergency doors that open easily
  • Emergency lighting in the event of electricity needing to be shut down
  • Clearly marked escape routes that will provide the quickest and most direct exit from the building
  • The appropriate number of emergency exits for everyone in the building to be able to leave immediately
  • Clear passageways to all escape routes, with no blockages in the way


It’s crucial to ensure that all fire detection and warning systems are fully functional at all times, and that the appropriate firefighting equipment is properly installed, tested and maintained to ensure safe use in the event of a fire. All staff should be trained and informed of fire risks, and at least one fire drill per year should be carried out.

As well as training and informing staff of fire risks, ensuring that the appropriate equipment is used and prevention tactics are used, the building needs to comply with all health & safety standards. All buildings have certain regulations put in place that must be followed, so that the workplace can be deemed fire safe.

Installation of fire exits & fire doors

A fire safe building will always have the correct number of fully functional fire exits and fire doors, to ensure a quick and easy escape, whilst preventing the spread of the fire. In the unfortunate event of a fire, it’s always ideal to minimise the damage of the building afterwards. This can be done by suitably segregating escape routes, common areas and escape routes.

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