Legionella Awareness

Legionella Awareness

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Starts: 15th December, 2021 (09:00-13:00)
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Course Summary

The course provides delegates with the correct knowledge on Legionella to enable them to manage and implement the monitoring requirements of water systems to ensure compliance with the Approved Codes of Practice (L8)

Who should attend?

This course is most beneficial to building and facilities managers who are in control of legionella in their respective work premises also people who are under the written scheme of control i.e. cleaners, maintenance staff, etc responsible for keeping the controls in place and logging.

Course outline

The History of legionella, the disease, legislative requirements, risk assessment, domestic water systems, cooling towers and misc. water systems.
A better understanding of the disease.
Where you are most likely to contract the disease
How you will contract the disease
The role of the responsible person
How to assess the risks
How to control the risks
Legal duty to control
Written scheme, what you need to know


A certificate will be issued on legionella awareness on completion of the course and this will form part of the written scheme of control.


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