Risk assessment for business

Risk assessment for business

With over 30 years of experience in just about every industry sector there is, there isn’t much that we haven’t seen and done before and can share our experience to make your working life easier.

We’ve seen how risk assessment has been introduced into just about every business sector there is, and how organisations have struggled to understand it and overcome their challenges. Whether your business is very small or multi-national, we have learned what works well and how risk assessments can fit seamlessly into your wider business practices. You’ve come to the right place if you are looking for Professional Help, at Sensible Cost.

Following the pandemic, we now have a specialist service to help you with Covid-19 Risk Assessment, covering both Coronavirus Safe to Open Assessments and Coronavirus Safe to Work Assessment. See here for further information. 

Workplace Risk Assessment

As an employer, you should assess any activities in your workplace that could cause harm, and carry out a risk assessment to identify the hazards and control the risks. This will help you put controls in place that prevent accidents and injury in the workplace and, in turn, help you in managing sickness absence.

COVID-19 Risk Assessment

Our team of qualified health and safety practitioners can use their experience, knowledge and qualifications to complete a comprehensive Covid -19 Risk Assessment in all parts of your workplace, and then work with you to implement and monitor it by using simple, practical measures. In addition to their expertise we will ensure that our advice reflects legal requirements for a safe work place as well as the Governments guidelines. We will also reference the joint statement via the HSE, TUC and CBI to ensure a balanced approach to worker safety and productivity.

Click here to read more about our COVID-19 Risk Assessment.

A manual handling risk assessment is required where you cannot avoid a manual handling task and there is a risk of injury. This assessment must be task specific to each manual handling activity and will assist in deciding suitable control measures.
DSEAR requires the employer to assess the risks of fires and explosions that may be caused by dangerous substances in the work place and also the activities involving these substances. The employer must also assess the risk caused by gases under pressure and substances that are corrosive to metals under this regulation.
This risk assessment is required by law for employers to control substances hazardous to health. The employer can prevent workers exposure to hazardous substances by finding out what the health hazards are and deciding how to prevent harm to health through a sufficient COSHH risk assessment.
A display screen equipment (DSE) risk assessment is assessing the risks from the way we use computers, laptops, tablets, smart phones and other display screens being used at work. If a worker uses DSE daily as part of their normal work, continuously for an hour or more then the employer must complete a workstation risk assessment and look at aspects such as chairs, furniture, special requirements such as users with a disability and the job being done. The employer must take action and necessary control measures in place to ensure the workstations are always safe for the user.
PUWER requires users of work equipment to carry out a risk assessment and provide work equipment that is suitable for its intended task and can be used without putting persons at risk. The regulations also determine whether the equipment is safe for use, maintained in a safe condition and inspected, to be used by people who a have received adequate information, instruction and training; these will all be control measures.
A first aid risk assessment is to determine the number of first aiders required on a specific site and at what level they should be trained at; whether it be a one day emergency first aid course or a 3 day first aid at work course, and the amount and type of suitable first aid equipment is needed to support the first aider/s.
If the employer is starting any work that is likely to disturb asbestos then a suitable and sufficient risk assessment must be prepared prior to any works. This must be carried out by a competent person and before the work begins. This is to allow enough time to put appropriate precautions in place, and must ensure the assessment is job specific and considers all aspects of the work.

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Risk assessment is a method which is used to ascertain whether your procedures and systems for protecting your staff from harm are sufficient or if there is more you should be doing. It is a way to ensure you are being proactive with your health and safety management and compliance rather than addressing problems after they have caused harm. It requires you to look ahead at what could go wrong, before it actually has and then to decide if the measures you are already taking are adequate or if there is more that you could or should reasonably do to make the task, process or area you are assessing safer.

In a word, yes!

The general duties under the Health and Safety at Work Act require you to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, the health, safety and welfare of your employees at work. In order to demonstrate that you are achieving this objective, some form of assessment is needed to determine what could go wrong and when. This general requirement is then further established with the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999, as well as several other specific regulations which state that assessment must be completed.
This is something we are often asked by our clients. The obvious answer is that they are important because failing to do them leaves you vulnerable to criminal liability as they are an absolute legal requirement (i.e. an employer is not allowed to make a cost/risk analysis before deciding whether to do them or not). However, there are other reasons why they are so important, and the main one is that the process od risk assessment enables you to look ahead at what could go wrong before it actually has, and then to take measures to stop it from going wrong, or at least reduce the chances of failure, or the impact of anything that does go wrong. They can also be important when demonstrating to your staff that you value their health, wellbeing and safety as you are taking proactive measures to reduce injury. For those organisations that are developing a safety culture, involving your staff in the assessment process produces significant gains in understanding and owvership of the problems, and hence the solutions.
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