Fire Evacuation Drills

Fire Evacuation Drills

Whether you work in an office, shop, school or factory, fire drills are a vital part of your workplace fire safety. Fire Evacuations must be carried out at least once a year and the results of the drill recorded and kept as part of your fire safety and evacuation plan As important as fire alarms, fire extinguishers and fire safety signs, they are an indirect, but equally significant, form of fire protection and aim to protect everyone who works within your commercial building from the devastating consequences of fire. However, a fire drill can often be viewed as an inconvenience; not only do they disrupt the day and distract from valuable working time, they can also be perceived as a nuisance to staff and are often greeted with sighs and noncommittal shuffles towards the exit. That is why so many of our clients use SOA to organise and invigilate their Fire Evacuations. Our Fire Safety Consultants will identify and rectify problem areas, with the end result being a smooth, well-organised fire evacuation with minimum disruption.

The package consists of:

  • Liaising with an appropriate person to arrange a mutually convenient date and time on which to hold the evacuation drill.
  • Ensuring that the local Fire and Rescue Service are aware and briefed (should the need arise).
  • Initiating the fire alarm system.
  • Observing personnel’s reaction to the alarm whilst time keeping.
  • With the exception of key staff, ensure all remaining personnel return to the building as soon as the drill is over to resume normal working activities.
  • A post–drill meeting is held with key personnel to discuss how to improve in the future.
  • A full report of the drill will be sent to the appropriate person. The report will include a breakdown of events, danger areas, strong points, recommendations for improvement and the way forward

Your complete Fire Evacuation package is designed to test staff procedures in an emergency. The program satisfies the statutory requirements incumbent on building owners.

Fire Drills

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The benefits of using SOA:

  • Fire evacuation drills undertaken with minimal disruption to staff and tenants.
  • Vastly experienced fire evacuation drill consultants.
  • We take away the organisational hassle.
  • We offer nationwide service coverage.
  • It demonstrates compliance to the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

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Fire Drill FAQ

A fire drill is a simulated emergency procedure which aims to emulate the processes which would be undertaken in the event of a fire or other similar emergency. It involves creating a situation which replicates what would happen if a real fire were to occur, usually with the inclusion of fire alarms, and requires your employees, and anyone else who may be within your property at the time, to evacuate.

Intended to make an evacuation in the event of a fire as simple, efficient and effective as possible, it involves running your employees through your evacuation procedures, ensuring they are familiar with the plan and are able to get out quickly and safely. It is also intended to make sure your relevant fire warden or fire safety supervisor knows exactly what they are doing and can act as incredibly beneficial practice if their expertise is ever really needed.

Fire drills are also an important evaluation of your evacuation procedures. An ideal opportunity to test how effective your emergency plans are, they allow you to quickly identify any flaws or weaknesses which may be present and then make any changes as a result. For example, if some of your staff gather their belongings before leaving, you can ensure everyone is aware that action is against all fire safety recommendations and that, in a real life situation, they may be putting their lives in danger. Similarly, if you find one of your exits is blocked, or too narrow for your employees to quickly escape, you should plan an alternative or additional route.
According to The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order, the person responsible for all aspects of fire safety in commercial and non-domestic premises is the owner, occupier or manager. Legislation refers to this person as the ‘responsible person’ and, as such, they are in charge of ensuring all fire safety regulations, as required by law and enforced by local fire and rescue authorities, are fully complied to.

As the ‘responsible person’ you have a number of duties, including planning for an emergency and providing staff with information, fire safety instruction and training. Therefore, you must make sure regular fire drills are carried out and conducted effectively, putting into place any remedial actions which must be taken as a result of the drill’s evaluation.

In order to fulfil your legal obligations, and in accordance with all fire safety regulations, fire drills should be conducted at least once a year (more often in environments such as schools and nurseries) and the results should be recorded and kept as part of your fire safety and evacuation plan. Additionally, all new staff should be informed of your fire evacuation procedures as soon as they start work and if a new fire risk is ever noted or recognised all your employees should be told.
"The fact that Paul made the education fun so for me this always gels well"
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"An otherwise dry and difficult subject was made interesting, fun and enjoyable. The information presented was up to date, factual and relative . The trainer made us feel comfortable to participate. This is the best training course I have been on"
- Fire Safety Consultation client
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