“Real Life” Confined Space Training by SOA Safety

“Confined spaces can be deadly – A number of people are killed or seriously injured in confined spaces each year in the UK. This happens in a wide range of industries, from those involving complex plant to simple storage vessels. Those killed include people working in the confined space and those who try to rescue them without proper training and equipment.” – HSE

The quote above is from the Health & Safety Executive and really highlights the reasons behind the Confined Spaces Regulations introduced in 1998. Here at SOA Safety, we over a range of course that allow the attendees to return to work with the knowledge to create safer working environments. We aim to do this by not just presenting high quality information and proven methods of delivery but by making the courses as interactive and enjoyable as possible. Learning is best undertaken, when the learner is fully engaged in the subject. Our Confined Space Training courses are a great example of this, as we employ a “real life” working conditions approach. This means that the learners are fully immersed in the scenarios and we have found this leads to better retain of the course content.

Within our confined space facility, our trainers introduce hazards (such as smoke) for the learners to manage. These hazards are fully controlled and all scenarios are monitored and recorded via infra-red cameras. By recording the scenarios, the instructors can latterly lead the group into discussing what had been done well and how the performance could be improved.
We run several confined space training courses including refresher courses. For more information on the dates and placement availability, click here.