About Us

Who Are We?

‘SOA’ – what’s all that about?’ Saxons Of Anglo? Seagulls Over Anglesey? Scoffing Orange Aliens? Strangers Of Avalon? Standing On Armchairs? Shouting On Aeroplanes? …come on, what’s going on?.

Come on then what does SOA really stand for? Well it’s a bit embarrassing really! When Andy the MD was 6 he watched a film called “The Vikings” with Kirk Douglas and Tony Curtis. Before he knew it he was running around the house in a string vest a towel around his waist and a plastic road track as a sword calling himself Maharg Nosredna – Son Of Ander. And that folks is what SOA stands for!

Very good, and nowadays?

Well SOA originated from Son of Anders, but when you get asked what the acronym means you don’t want to be telling them about the Vikings. So really the stamp of approval idea evolved from how we do our business, from the early days it became clear that we had to monitor, approve, self audit and manager our work, so it represents out internal process, procedure and ethics and is a measure of our own internal quality.

So whats different about SOA?

Without doubt, Diversity and Attitude, we believe the more diverse the peoples backgrounds and experience are particularly in the field of Fire and H&S the more we can collectively contribute. Using all this knowledge and experience wrapped up in a genuine desire to do a great job and continually improve is an attitude that can achieve great goals.

Our Moto – “Stand Sure” which happens to be the Anderson Moto and we take this to believe in what you’re saying and stand by it, be confident and honest.

Our Core Values

People – We are a people business and treat everyone with respect, humility and integrity. We believe that happy, motivated and engaged employees will always lie at the heart of our success.

Responsibility – Collectively and individually, we take responsibility for our actions and the consequence of them.

Imagination – We encourage creativity and fresh thinking through the organisation and empower our people to take an imaginative approach to every aspect of our business.

Desire – We all share the same passion an burning desire to succeed.

Excellence – We will not compromise on the quality of anything that we do in the pursuit of excellence and continually strive to be the best that we can be.

Meet The Team

andy anderson

Andy Anderson CEng FIET

Managing Director

Founder of SOA Safety, Andy has a healthy obsession with spreadsheets; strongly believing that what isn’t in Excel format should be and therefore will be by the end of the day. Constantly exploring and prototyping new ideas, he’ll jump at the chance to be involved in any aspect of a project. In his ‘spare time’ he runs SOA Engineering carrying out minor things like Fire Safety projects for the air craft carriers…..yep just a little on the side hobby for relaxation… You may catch him with a tea towel round his head wielding a sword made from cardboard. All round good guy.

Interesting Fact

Has a curious habit of ordering things he can’t remember which once resulted in the surprise delivery of 10 gas heaters.

joe little

Joe Little

Operations Director / Principal Fire Safety Advisor

A bit like an over protective Father Joe knows SOA’s happenings inside and out. With more years experience in fire safety than he will ever own up to this man is to fire safety what Easter is to eggs. He has an aversion to noisy eaters and has been known to remove apples from people mid crunch and an irrational fear of cucumber.

Interesting Fact

He once tried to tune a radio in that was actually a biscuit tin.

clare heap

Clare Heap

Business Development Manager

Lover of a good meme, Clare has a thing for both design and front-end business development. In a former life she ran her own training company for over ten years until a chance meeting with Andy Anderson, and as they say ‘the rest is history’. She is an avid runner and yoga doer. Eating biscuits with a cup of tea in front of the telly? Yep you’ll find her doing that, too.

Interesting Fact

Clare enjoys ale, fine food and a warm hearth. Yes she’s a hobbit.

jess jackson

Jess Jackson

Training Coordinator

ess has dreamed of a job in Business Admin since …well right after she graduated from college and needed a job in something/anything. When she not on the phone looking after all of our lovely clients she can be found on her own little piece of England running round after her ever increasing family of hens, ducks, goats, cats…of and not forgetting her two little boys!

Interesting Fact

She has a cat called Paul, which was named Paul because her husband said you can have a cat if you call it Paul thinking rightly that no one would call a cat Paul…..he was wrong.

Kerry Armistead

Training Coordinator

Kerry’s soft spot is for order and when we say order we’re talking OCD on steroids. She’s most curious about where all her paper clips go. Hailing from a background of office management she keeps our tooings and frooings in perfectly lovely order. Kerry is also quite fond of kittens, steak and becomes irritable with lack of proper food and rest.

Interesting Fact

Kerry once rode from London to Paris on a bike…with pedals!

Paul Steer

Business Development Support

Paul is obsessed with food and enamored by the evolution of business development. With oodles of experience in the wacky world of sales and marketing we cant get rid of this chap…..believe me we’ve tried. If left unattended his beautiful mind has been found creating ground breaking ideas such as ‘Yukaroo’. In his spare time, Paul can be found thinking about food, cooking food, eating food or singing karaoke.

Interesting Fact

Has a passionate hatred for shoe laces and anxiously is waiting for the day when velcro comes back into style.

alan jackson

Alan Jackson

Training and Quality Manager

Alan is a compulsive tinkerer with technology and all things that aren’t working as they should be. His back ground in bomb disposal means he is cool as a cucumber under pressure except when it comes to NEBOSH exam results day on which he assumes the role of the pacing expectant father outside the delivery suite. Greek salad connoisseur; chocolate cake nemesis. When he’s not training our lovely delegates he can be found at the skate park with his two equally lovely boys.

Interesting Fact

Alan once acted on stage with Jude Law.

Jason Smith

Fire Safety Advisor

Jason started his working life with Tesco where he worked his way up to the oxygen limiting heights of store manager. At one point he was a butcher and a baker…..but never quite made it as a candle stick maker. So in order to fill this void of a flame in his life he moved in to fire safety working as a fire fighter for BAE and the County before seeing the ‘light’…get it..light…and coning to work with us. In his spare time he loves being in the great outdoors kayaking, climbing, walking and other equally outdoorsey things I’m struggling to recall.

Interesting Fact

He once paddled in a canoe from Preston to Stone In Staffordshire, it went well until they hit congestion on the M6.



Office Dog

Blue gained promotion to office dog after destroying the interior of a company vehicle in protest of being left out of a team meeting. Blue has proved himself to be an essential part of the team. His interests include chasing birds, dreaming about chasing birds and stealing as much food as possible whenever the opportunity arises.

Interesting Fact

Despite being on the staff role for years, he is yet to work a single billable hour.