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Every business has a legal duty of care to its employees in ensuring the safety of electrical equipment in the workplace. Electricity is a convenience we take for granted, but it is also a potential killer and can cause untold financial damage to businesses and equipment.

The only proven preventative safety method is the regular inspection and testing of your portable electrical equipment by an experienced, professional company.

We are an experienced electrical safety provider with over 20 years of experience. Our complete range of services are available Nationwide to ensure your business provides a safe workplace for your staff and customers.

Portable appliance test (PAT) / What We Offer

As part of our Portable appliance test (PAT) process, SOA Safety technicians complete both a comprehensive Visual Test and Electrical Test on your appliances before they are deemed safe.

Visual Inspection

A visual inspection involves a comprehensive inspection of flexible supply cord, plug, appliance and socket.

Electrical Test

Depending on the equipment, insulation resistance, Leakage current testing, polarity and/or earth resistance.


Clearly display the latest test date, maintenance and on the equipment to increase safety and communication.

Certificate and Report

A certificate of testing and a comprehensive report including each unique number and the result.

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