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Fire Risk Assessment

Our Fire Risk Assessments have been designed to satisfy industry specific standards and meet the legal requirements of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

We offer the complete Fire Risk Assessment support package. This includes an assessment of the building layout, compartments, exits, activities, fire prevention and protection measures, contents and occupancy details.

The information gathered from the site visit is assessed against the legal requirements, regulations and standards. Any non-compliances receive an action or a statement of mitigation with supporting evidence. The fire safety information, remedial actions and mitigations are put into a report and summarised into a PowerPoint for you and your staff.

Fire Risk Assessment Support Package

Our fire risk assessment package can be customised to suit your needs, an example list of services provided in our standard fire risk assessments is detailed below.All our clients receive the highest quality of fire safety consultancy and our fire risk assessment service includes:

Fire Risk Assessment

  • Undertaken in accordance with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005
  • Occupancy, activity and time profile
  • Assessment of fuel sources and ignition sources
  • Review of fire safety measures and provisions
  • Review of fire safety policies and emergency procedures
  • Custom periodic maintenance and testing schedules of fire safety provisions
  • Security, arson and smoking
  • Contractors and hot work permits

Fire and Evacuation Plans

  • Fire plan
  • Evacuation plan - complies with ISO 23601
  • Blank floor plan
  • 3D plans£POA
  • Panoramic floor plans£POA

Report and Representation

  • Full report of findings, remedial actions and mitigation
  • Fire Plan
  • Evacuation Plan
  • Powerpoint presentation to brief the staff
  • Mediation with any enforcing authorities (e.g. fire service, HSE, OFSTED, and insurance companies)
  • Produce policies and procedures£POA

Fire Safety Training

  • Assessment of your organisations fire safety training requirements
  • Fire Warden Training / Fire Marshall Training£120 + VAT /delegate
  • Fire Safety Awareness£70 + VAT /delegate
  • Fire Extinguisher Training£60 + VAT /delegate

Fire Risk Assessment Review

  • Reminder when your fire risk assessment is due for renewal
  • Satisfies the legal requirement to periodically review your fire risk assessment
  • Full review of the fire safety arrangements
  • Review fire safety documentation
  • Assess the adequacy of key physical fire safety arrangements
  • Update floor plans accordingly
  • Re-issue the report
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