Services / Course Customisation

All our training courses can be rebranded to match your corporate identity and the content of the presentation / handouts tailored for your business and its actvities.

This customisation will allow your employees to experience a training course that feels authentic, reinforces important company messages, and enables you to make a bigger impact on your organisation’s goals and objectives.

These bespoke courses can be for a single day training or a full staff development programme over several months, our extensive experience can help to achieve clients’ training objectives.

Our Approach / Tailoring Courses for your Workplace


Your company logo and brand colours can appear through the presentation / handouts and certificates.

Content / Duration

The content of the presentation and handouts can be tailored to your organisations activities and policies.

Evaluation Forms

Custom surveys / questionnaires can be created and the results collated into a delegate evaluation report.

Combine Multiple Courses

Elements of multiple existing courses can be combined into a bespoke training course.

New Course

New programs can be developed from by our expert technical team to meet clients exact specifications.

Continual Review

All our courses, include bepsoke, are periodically updated in accordance with current law and best practice.

Testimonials / What Our Clients Say