About Us

Who We Are?

‘SOA’ - what’s all that about?’ Saxons Of Anglo? Seagulls Over Anglesey? Scoffing Orange Aliens? Strangers Of Avalon? Standing On Armchairs? Shouting On Aeroplanes? ...come on, what’s going on?.

Come on then what does SOA really stand for? Well it’s a bit embarrassing really! When Andy the MD was 6 he watched a film called “The Vikings” with Kirk Douglas and Tony Curtis. Before he knew it he was running around the house in a string vest a towel around his waist and a plastic road track as a sword calling himself Maharg Nosredna – Son Of Ander. And that folks is what SOA stands for!

Very good, and nowadays?

Well SOA originated from Son of Anders, but when you get asked what the acronym means you don’t want to be telling them about the Vikings. So really the stamp of approval idea evolved from how we do our business, from the early days it became clear that we had to monitor, approve, self audit and manager our work, so it represents out internal process, procedure and ethics and is a measure of our own internal quality.

So whats different about SOA?

Without doubt, Diversity and Attitude, we believe the more diverse the peoples backgrounds and experience are particularly in the field of Fire and H&S the more we can collectively contribute. Using all this knowledge and experience wrapped up in a genuine desire to do a great job and continually improve is an attitude that can achieve great goals.

What are our values?

Think On

“Think On” We take this as don’t just think in the box but also out of it, but of equal value is to consider the other person and what they might be thinking and why.

There is always a way

Stand Sure

Meet The Team

Interesting Fact

  • Andy Anderson
  • Joe Little
  • Clare Heap
  • Jess Jackson
  • Kerry Armistead
  • Paul Steers
  • Alan Jackson
  • Jason Smith
  • Blue